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Global Cinematic

Sandcastle Studios, Where Every Story Leaves a Lasting Impression

Unleash the Power of Global Cinematic Excellence

Sandcastle Studios, Where Every Story Leaves a Lasting Impression

A Global Distribution, Production & Finance Company

Global Distribution

Embark on a cinematic journey with our film distribution prowess that transcends boundaries and brings stories to life

Film Production

From script to screen, we breathe life into narratives, collaborating with visionary directors, skilled technicians, and passionate artists

Film Finance

Join us in shaping the future of cinema, where passion meets fiscal prudence, and cinematic dreams find solid ground to soar

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About Us

Welcome to Sandcastle Studios, where the art of storytelling meets the magic of cinema. At Sandcastle, we believe in crafting content that transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences.

Sandcastle Studios opened its doors in Mauritius during 2018 and completed its first feature film, Jungle Beat: The Movie (“Jungle Beat”), in 2020, Jungle Beat: The movie was released as a Netflix Original across most territories worldwide, ranking in Netflix’s Top 10 movies in major global territories for more than two weeks and reaching 3rd place in the US.


The film based on the highly successful Jungle Beat series, which has been broadcast in over 150 countries and has a monthly YouTube audience of around 100 million views and 10.4 million YouTube subscribers

Holistic Cinematic Journey

A comprehensive film production, funding, and distribution company offers the advantage of a seamless and integrated cinematic journey.

Strategic Financial Support

The synergy of production, funding, and distribution expertise provides filmmakers with strategic financial support.

Global Reach and Audience Engagement

A company that excels in production, funding, and distribution brings a global perspective to every project.

Unleash the Power of Global Cinematic Excellence - Partner with Us

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In the dynamic realm of filmmaking, collaboration is the key to unlocking limitless possibilities. Here’s why joining forces with a global film distributor, production, and financing powerhouse like us is the game-changer your cinematic journey deserves:

Partnering with us means tapping into an extensive global network. From the bustling streets of major cities to the intimate corners of local communities, our reach ensures your film resonates with diverse audiences worldwide, making a lasting impact on the global stage.

Our comprehensive approach integrates film production, financing, and distribution seamlessly. This means more than just funding – it’s about empowering your creative vision with the financial stability and strategic support needed to bring your story to life without compromises.

Collaborate with seasoned professionals who understand every facet of the film industry. Whether it’s crafting compelling scripts, orchestrating seamless productions, or navigating the intricate landscape of financing and distribution, our expertise spans the entire cinematic spectrum.

Our global perspective is enriched by a deep understanding of local cultures. This ensures that your film not only reaches diverse audiences but resonates with them on a profound level. Cultural sensitivity is not just a priority; it’s embedded in our approach to storytelling.

Embrace a data-driven approach to success. Our strategic planning combines industry insights with cutting-edge analytics, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions at every stage of your film’s journey – from financing to distribution and beyond.

Experience the power of true collaboration. We’re not just partners; we’re allies invested in your success. Open communication, shared goals, and a commitment to excellence define our collaborative ethos. Your journey is our journey.


Ready to Redefine Cinematic Brilliance Together?

Sandcastle Studios is not just a production company; It’s a legacy builder. Join us in creating stories that withstand the sands of time, leaving an everlasting imprint on the world of cinema.


Ready to see your cinematic dreams unfold on the big screen and all mediums? Join Sandcastle Studios, where every project is a testament to our commitment to storytelling excellence. Let’s create cinematic magic together because every story deserves to be told in the most spectacular form!


Join us on a cinematic odyssey where every frame tells a story of innovation, creativity, and global impact. Partner with the best in the business – a powerhouse that elevates your vision to unprecedented heights.


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